Oh Deer!

He thought it was going to be a quiet en enjoyable day at the park. He took his towel and was ready to lay out and relax. That was until this deer showed up and decided to show him some love. it looks like this buck isn’t threatened whatsoever by his new human friends.  Have you ever had a deer enocunter as close as this one?

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5 Responses to Oh Deer!

  1. edward sabac says:

    don’t uh know that their s a sign for that animal Y?? & Y>?? some wild animal s friendly??? cuz they r hungry … ok>> supposed 2 b?? f uh can see?? a wild animal closed 2 ur home u hav 2 feed theem cuz they r really hungry… ok??


  2. donaldroy1929 says:

    They R in the “RUT” this time of the yr. & can be extremely dangerous.


  3. Lorianne says:

    Thank you for sharing that video ..I’m glad your dog was nice to the fawn


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