Savannah vs. the Bullies

Savannah wrote on her youtube account… “hi, my name is savannah. i’m 12 and have been a victim of bullying. thought i’d shoot this video for all of my friends who have experienced the same, and all the other underdogs out there. let’s stand”

I think you did an amazing job, Savannah!

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20 Responses to Savannah vs. the Bullies

  1. alanjryland says:

    Good for her for taking a stand. Bullying is highly unacceptable behaviour and it is unfortunately not taken seriously by many people out there who think ‘kids are just being kids.’ Systematic abuse is not okay.

    This young lady has standards!

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  2. Trula says:

    Great job Savannah, always stand up for what you and everyone that has ever been bullied. You all are BEAUTIFUL.


  3. Stacey says:

    Great job little girl. Stand up, speak up, and be counted!!! Bullies are just cowards. I know they are scary but the moment you give them push back they will go and find their next victim.


  4. Savannah sweety you tell them girly I’m with you all the way…….thanks for standing for all the kids out there God bless you, ….hugs


  5. John Dillon says:

    Well done savannah ,great stand for all young people being bullied’p.sbet lots of people proud of you ,here’s hoping ur message goes viral


  6. Jenni Daniels says:

    Well done everyone !! great message for all, you are all beautiful in your own right and no one has the right to demean you, let’s all start to stop this bulling today xxxxxx


  7. Angelica Pacheco says:

    Great job Savannah! Being bullied as a young child i know how it feel. This video is so inspiring. I hope this video will help other kids going thru it be brave enough to confront their bully. The feeling for knowing that your not alone is a wonderful thing.


  8. melissa Paddock says:

    Savannah my daughter was bullied to the point that she almost took her life, if not for her sister coming home just before she did it! That was at the age of 14, now at 16 she runs her own non for profit organization called Cam’s Dare to be different! She speaks to schools and groups sharing her story to educate her peers on what words are doing! Words almost took my daughter from me now her words are helping others! I would love to talk to you about this! Go to Facebook and check out her page Cam’s dare to be different! 🙂


  9. Tali Avishay-Arbel says:

    Thank you, Savannah. Just thank you.


  10. Anita says:

    God bless You Savannah and I pray this song will help others to see how beautiful they truly are!! To all of the bullies out there GOD IS WATCHING YOU!!!!!!!!


  11. Theresa Balboa says:

    You are so awesome and so wise for a young lady! This is the best video I have seen in a ling time! My grandchildren were bullied on the school bus and my oldest grandson stepped in to protect his little brother and 2 sisters. He made me so proud as a grandmother!


  12. Sheri says:

    Savannah, Thank you for standing up to bullies and you did a great job singing too!!!👍👏👏👏


  13. Von says:

    What a beautiful voice you have Savannah and what a perfect and powerful way to get your very important point across to other children. Good job!


  14. Biscokid says:

    Many organizations,law enforcement,and other experts are trying to find the cause of bullying in our schools nation wide.As you know children are imitators of their parents and other adults.
    There are now several websites now focusing on bullying drivers as well.HMMMM–wonder where the children are learning to bully?!!


  15. garrry hart says:

    be proud your amazing


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