‘Top Secret Clearance’ Opens Up About…Aliens….

Shortly before Boyd Bushman passed away on August 7, 2014, he was video recorded candidly speaking about his personal experiences with Area 51, UFOs, aliens and anti-gravity ideas. Boyd was a retired Senior Scientist
for Lockheed Martin. His career spanned over forty years, was awarded many patents, and included work with defense contractors Hughes Aircraft, General Dynamics, Texas Instruments, and Lockheed Martin. In this video Bushman details incidents with “aliens” at Roswell, presenting what he said was photo evidence of the extraterrestrial beings…

Do you believe in UFO’s?

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3 Responses to ‘Top Secret Clearance’ Opens Up About…Aliens….

  1. Tyrone says:

    Your video is deleted or removed can’t watch it


  2. G.Nettleton says:

    I’d like to view this mans thoughts about UFOs out of curiosity.


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