They Were Ready For The Worst, But Miracles Sometimes Just Happen!

They were expecting a child and went for an ultrasound. Things were not going their way, they received bad news and got ready for the worst. But miracles happen, and this is one of them. This is a story of hope & healing in the midst of despair.

Stories // David William from Church Project on Vimeo.

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4 Responses to They Were Ready For The Worst, But Miracles Sometimes Just Happen!

  1. shell1312 says:

    Michelle Dempsey I just have tears for your beautiful family who I do not know but tears filled with abundant joy anyway! 💕 We were in this kind of place with our daughter who was very premature and resuscitated for 5 minutes after an emergency caesarian and then we were told she would probably not live passed 24 hours. Two days later they named her the miracle baby and her case was used for seminars all over New Zealand. Mikayla is now 17 and graduates from High School next Wednesday with excellence in all her subjects. She has exams starting, but this weekend a priority for her is her Bible Study Group and Church. GOD IS INDEED GOOD! Do I believe in miracles? Absolutely – I have living proof of one in a beautiful young woman who calls me Mum 💕


  2. Colleen Earl says:

    Glory to our god!!!. AMEN!!. So happy for you both xx


  3. Deb says:

    Iam speechless”


  4. I also had a scare with my first born son 26 yrs ago. Went in for normal check up at 8 months. Baby heart was beating too fast. I was sent to the hospital and within hrs was prepped for emergency C-section. I was going into premature labor at 8 months. And was told if I delivered naturely he would not live. When my son was born, he had so much fluid retained he looked like a cabbage patch baby. He was diagnosed with WPWS { Wolf Parkinsin White Syndrome}. His heart rate would get up to 300 beats a minute. In and out of the hospital for the next 3 months, they finally got it under control. And to this day has never shown any signs of the birth defect. Miracles do happen. He is now 26 yrs old and is a Journeyman Lineman!!! Climbs utility Polls for a living!


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