OMG! This girl sings so beautifully; with so much soul… You need to hear her story to understand where all that soul comes from… And get the tissues ready, because she always gets people tearing when she sings…

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10 Responses to This is THE NEXT AMERICAN IDOL!

  1. Sam Kofi Justice says:

    She is marvelous


  2. janicecrowe says:

    god be the glory in tiis youmg girl


  3. Facebook says:

    Fantastic Singer, BUT, can someone SHUT that Woman up that talks through every Song.


  4. Jo Anne says:

    She sings from her heart and soul, feels the music and the words deeply. Her voice is like the Angels in Heaven and I know in my soul her mother is with her and loves to hear her sing. Her gift comes from God. Thank you for sharing this with the world and especially me, she filled my soul with the warmth and love of my own mother I lost at a very young age, too. God bless you sweet Angel and your family.


  5. Paula Boron says:

    She has a Guardian Angel…Her Mother… She is such an inspiration, so beautiful and talented!!!


  6. Tom Harmon says:

    Tears are a testament to this girl’s gift. God has blessed you and now us! Thank you!!


  7. Kristina Parocai says:

    wow amazing is right listening to her sing has filled my own heart with joy I used to go to church then I stoped for a long time I was mad at The Lord and I was in the kitchen when I heard that voice and I stopped and sat down and cryed and have been In church ever since so thank u u alone have opened my eyes and my heart to a new beginning god bless u and ur family


  8. Gloria camacho says:

    She sings so beautiful n she’s very smart hope that she keeps on singing gospel songs luv this little girl.i know that she makes her mother very happy ❤️🌹💚💜💙


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