How to Improve your Popcorn with Butter and… Duck Tape?

This is so simple, I can’t believe I never thought of it! Just add butter and seal with duck tape… Delicious every time!

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6 Responses to How to Improve your Popcorn with Butter and… Duck Tape?

  1. joe nourie says:

    or buy the kind that says “BUTTER” on the package???…


  2. michelleswank says:

    it’s duct tape lol


  3. Amber says:

    microwave pop corn is disgusting and so bad for you, why add more poisons from the duct tape chemical make up (oops, forgot, 90 percent of Americans are nutritionally illiterate.


  4. michael.thiessen says:

    I like to layer my butter especially at the movie theater. You get the popcorn filled half way and then put extra butter, or as much as you feel is necessary, and then you fill up the rest of the bag then do the same with the butter. But then you need to add just a slight pinch of salt, but only like half a pinch to add some more flavor. That way there is butter integrated throughout the entire bag of popcorn.


  5. Jeremy Gray says:

    Amber let’s see a picture of your perfect body and diet


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