Honey, Call the Deer for Breakfast!

Yup, that’s exactly what this family does every morning, and some times for lunch and dinner as well.

They had to raise this buck with a bottle after his mom was killed by hunters. Now the animal lives in the wild, but still comes and visit his human family…

Animals are so precious…

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5 Responses to Honey, Call the Deer for Breakfast!

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    Priceless pieces of my reading culture


  2. this is such a heart warming video to watch!


  3. Such a kind thing to do. Feeding the precious Deer.


  4. Marcos says:

    Cute. However, they refer to it as “Little Girl”. In the description they refer to it as a “buck”. A buck is a male deer. A female deer is called a “doe” (pronounced dough) as are the females of other species like rabbits and the male rabbit is a “buck”. Just sayin’,


  5. After having my dog Dante I cannot eat four legged animal anymore because they are so smart and understanding now I’m wondering how if. Others feels the same animals are precious also look carefully at your dogs can u eat it ? Why kill other animals for sport because it’s the beast inside of you please save the animals they have not done anything to you be kind to them let your love flow through your kindness to these innocent animals


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