Gift For Struggling Employee!

Debi is a cashier at a convenience store, she continuously works double shifts with such a positive attitude so this Daniel, a regular customer, decided to make her day and give her $500 gift!

Daniel hopes this video inspires some of you to do something similar. I have to see, I’m with Daniel on this one 🙂  you?

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7 Responses to Gift For Struggling Employee!

  1. alanjryland says:

    Good for the both of them. Many places have regulations against against workers accepting tips or gifts from customers, however. I’d say she deserves it: People in the service industries are grossly underpaid.


  2. I ,firstly, noticed how he , cleverly, changed from Black & White to Colour ….. he certainly, brought more Colour into HER Life’!

    Her Friendliness & Concern, for Others, was ‘Acknowledged &Rewarded’, with a much needed, as she indeed, expressed, Gift of $500.

    Bless You Danial ….. Us ‘D’s’ MUST stick together ….. now, just the other 25 Initials, need apply & act!!!



  3. Pat says:

    Who paid for the card?


  4. Griselda Scott says:

    Daniel will take the happiness he gave this lady in his heart for the rest of his life. When he’s down, he’ll be able to go back and remember his good act and that will change everything.


  5. danial says:

    I think it’s great Daniel did that for her. Just wish more people that can afford things like this gave to to people that need the help.

    We are americans, as Americans we should all stick together. We did in the 30’s. We stuck together in ww2. We need to do it again today with the problems our government can not seem to solve.

    Do we another person to stand up for our rights again??


  6. Pat Anderson says:

    What a lovely act of kindness.


  7. Stephanie Hodson says:

    Tears I can not stop my heart has grown your an inspiration and you have what it takes,the gift of empathy I rarely see people that have the quality that you have and your gorgeous too best of all world’s to you love it♥♥♥♥


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