No Money for Car Seat? No Problem!

What do you do it you’re a cop and you have to stop a vehicle because there’s a child riding in it with no car seat? Give them a ticket? No. You take them to Wall-Mart and buy the car seat yourself!

That’s what Officer Ben Hall of Emmett Township, Michigan did… A real hero!

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7 Responses to No Money for Car Seat? No Problem!

  1. alanjryland says:

    I read about this last week. What a gentleman. Now there’s one of those stories we need to hear more of. We get so wrapped up, always hearing about the terrible, even mortifying cases and all the bad apples in the police department that we only continue to breed a climate of distrust and forget about the good, hardworking ones who do all they can to help but find public perceptions stacked against them.


  2. Rastaman2116 says:

    A Salute and Applause for Mr. Officer.


  3. marcus says:

    Nice. Too bad it doesn’t divert away from the bad cops in the country any more!
    People are waking up to this kind of stuff from people like CNN.


  4. Sharon says:

    God bless this good cop..1child saved. This should be nation wide.


  5. RITA says:

    With all the questionable stories lately about police officers we do not hear enough about the good stories. We forget to realize that every time a police officer puts on his uniform he also puts HIS LIFE in harms way. There are a lot of comments made by people about police officers but you can bet that they do not have the courage it takes to go out on the street day after day to protect the rest of us. It takes a special kind of person to be a police officer and each one of them does not get enough credit for the job they do. The next time you see a police officer make sure you thank him for his service, because you never know that the next time you are in a bad situation he may be the first person who comes to your aid.


  6. Jackie says:

    That hit my heart. I do wish there was cops more like that. If I did that, I’d get a big ticket and I can’t always afford everything my kids need or want but atleast they have car seats. They do have what they need but where my daughter is outgrowing things, and a 1 year old who’s growing faster than expected and a third on the way, its hard. My fiancée helps but the cops should be more like this cop. Thanks officer. I salute you. God bless you.


  7. I wish more cops were like him.


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