Hummingbird Rescue

This poor hummingbird was on the grass and could not move, so this beautiful human being went to check and found out that tiny bird was stuck on… bubblegum! He was able to clean it up and… well, see it for yourself…

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  1. 2.2 says:



  2. lockneyblog says:

    Precious father and child!!! Thank you for saving that tiny hummer!!!


  3. lockneyblog says:

    Precious father and child. What a beautiful example of compassion– thank you!!!


  4. jamie says:

    How sweet


  5. vicky groves says:

    My neighbor and I saved one a year ago. My son found it sitting on our porch. I went out there and it couldn’t fly off. It was hop flying around. It landed on my son’s arm. I took a picture of that. I caught it gently and seen that a big ant was clamped onto it’s beak. My neighbor held it and I got the ant off with tweezers. Once i got the ant off, it was able to fly. I feed the hummers around our house. We have 5 feeders, so we get lots of them.


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