Heart Melting! These Chimps Are Seeing Sunlight For The First Time!

These chimpanzees have been born in captivity or were kidnapped from African jungles as babies… They spent their lives locked in metal laboratory cages to be used in a long series of experiments in Europe.

They are now in a sanctuary in Austria called Gut Aiderbichl. This video shows the very first time they saw sunlight and got a taste of freedom… Priceless…

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8 Responses to Heart Melting! These Chimps Are Seeing Sunlight For The First Time!

  1. crespogina says:

    What a touching video to share! Thank you! Do you know by chance how they were able to find them? Were they being held illegally?


    • annacat2014 says:

      Watching through tear filled eyes!! Simply Priceless!! They should have NEVER been behind those CAGES to begin with! They were MEANT To be outside and FREE!!! Put those who put THEM in CAGES and See HOW IT FEELS!!!


  2. Kuklapolitan says:

    How absolutely beautiful. Please stop using the primates as lab animals!!!!


  3. Steve Adams says:

    Still a larger cage.


  4. Maxwell Jump says:

    After a few minutes, it looks like they all pretty much said “meh, what’s the big deal?”


  5. Nia says:

    Beautiful to see and gorgeous music. Can anyone tell me what it’s called and/or who it’s by?


  6. Roberta Dunn says:

    This was so beautiful in everyway!!! Hats off to the rescuers and the biggest THANK YOU FOR DOING WHAT YOU DO!!!!! I Love You, to the Chimps!!! God be with you all!! XOXOXOXO


  7. Comme ils ont peur, se demandant encore ce que l’homme leur réserve comme traquenard. Vous vous rendez compte : le soleil en vrai, qui chauffe leurs mains, les pierres du sol, le béton, l’herbe, ils ne connaissaient rien de tout celà. Rappelez-vous les chiens qu’on avait sortis des cages et qui n’osaient pas aller sur l’herbe, un premier est sorti après les autres l’ont imité et sont allés vers les mains des hommmes qui se tendaient pour la première fois pour leur faire des caresses…….La LIBERTE


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