Never Seen Before Footage Of Elvis Presley!

Some people found new footage with great quality of Elvis Presley performing Unchained Melody. It was taken from an Elvis concert in Rapid City in South Dakota in  1977!
Oh my God, when I listen to this I get goosebumps, he was the best, wasn’t he?
Watch the video and please SHARE with others so they can discover the genius of Elvis!

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87 Responses to Never Seen Before Footage Of Elvis Presley!

  1. Jeri Ashcy says:

    Brought me to tears.


  2. Louise says:

    Love that song!


  3. barbara says:

    the only King of beautiful music


  4. Rob Radford says:

    Elvis at his best


  5. Gerry Tobin says:

    i maybe getting middle aged nowadays and was about 10 when the king died, but Elvis saved my mum many many hours of work keeping this child busy as when he would come on our little old radio for some reason this baby rocked in the cradle for all my young years to his songs… long may your memory and songs live on …… Gerry


  6. amt says:

    He was so much better before this was filmed. At his time (1977) he as using drugs and looked so blotted it was hard to look at him. Wish he had recorded this song when he was at his prime and not full of drugs. Notice how confused he seemed at the start of the video?


  7. We All LOVE Elvis Presley .


  8. Nina Golden says:

    no matter what people may say about ELVIS..he was always the only hear hearsay.he was a beautiful man inside and out.he should not be judged,that is GOD’s job..i loved all his music.he will never be forgotten..


  9. susie says:

    He was a paradox; did the wrong stuff but deep inside him, he connected to God…hear some of his songs. Crying in the Chapel for one. Hope made it up to God and repented in his sickness.
    He was as good looking as he was talented.


  10. Jordan says:

    This is not unrealesed footage… This is from Elvis in Concert, which aired on October 3 1977, just two months after he passed away. This particular song is from the Rapid City concert. It also appears on Center Stage.


  11. Linda says:

    This brings tears to my eyes. I love Elvis. He is the only man I would of had an affair with.


  12. teresa says:

    Thank you for sending to me.TRS


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