Band Of Children Playing The Guitar With An Amazing Talent!

You know that here at Cutepuppylove we really LOVE when kids attempt artistic expressions. You are going to be blown away by these 5 kids.  They played a rendition of the Korean song, “Our Kindergarten Teacher” that is so precise it is truly mesmerizing. I’m curious what do you think of kids studying a musical instrument?

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12 Responses to Band Of Children Playing The Guitar With An Amazing Talent!

  1. as above says:

    this so lovely and I could listen to it all day


  2. terri says:

    Amazing and beautiful!t


  3. jan says:



  4. What could possibly be a down side to young children learning to play any musical instrument? The brain needs this for learning other thing. It truly (the brain )grows new cells for learning new things. And these beautiful children will be bright students for the rest of their lives.


  5. Vanessa Miller says:

    Beats the hell out of hearing kindergarten kids playing hot cross buns on a recrder!! Well done kids!


  6. John says:

    : Cute little communists with no future. Sadly, they were most likely beaten and forced for the pleasure of the dear leader. How many died because they failed? Beware what you embrace. Heil!


  7. Helen Mason says:

    Admiration for these children and their teachers.


  8. Em Minsk says:

    Beautiful comments section with so many plants here. As for the show, the music is great. I wonder if they are that happy in the rehearsals do you think?


  9. Kim Jong Un says:

    I think the are the same who appear in the recent movie The Interview.


  10. George Hetzer says:

    I have to wonder if these children were taught this and learned willingly or under duress.


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