8-Year-Old Wows Judges on The Voice Kids Germany

Laura was competing in The Voice Kids Germany when she did this amazing rendition of “I Will Always Love You.” Judges were simply amazed with her voice! And you will be too!

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13 Responses to 8-Year-Old Wows Judges on The Voice Kids Germany

  1. Laura who we want more ! 🙂


  2. sue says:

    wish it had been long enough to hear what the judges said about her, she is amazing.


    • C M says:

      This was in spring 2013 in Germany. I guess they figured Americans can’t understand German so they cut it off. There is a bit more if you watch it on youtube.


  3. cklayne says:

    What is this little girls name?? She is amazing


  4. Angela says:

    She has a beautiful voice. But the jury exaggerating a bit, I think.


  5. Irene wright says:

    Fantastic hope she goes far as a singer


  6. Joseph Allen Page says:

    This girl is an angel just a fabulous voice !


  7. Rune says:

    Her age is 13…not 8 as they say in the headline……but anyway…a great voice!


  8. Athri stm says:

    I just love this girl. Amazing voice.


  9. Thriseo Sangtam says:

    Laura you are amazing.


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