Have You Ever Wrapped a Present Like This?

The Japanese have a special way of gift wrapping.

They use a big piece of paper that they fold in a special way, so as to use only one piece of tape to hold everything together.

Not only is it practical, it is also very beautiful!

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12 Responses to Have You Ever Wrapped a Present Like This?

  1. Patricia Benedict says:

    I counted 3 pieces of tape. I’m not sure how “practical” this actually is since you wasted so much paper folding it around like this. You could have wrapped another gift (depending on size, of course) if you had cut that sheet of paper to size and just done it the usual way.


  2. Somebody cannot count how many times he used the tape dispenser.


  3. joe blow says:

    sorry but i counted 3 pieces of tape not 1!


  4. heather says:

    he used 3 pieces of tape


  5. Debi616 says:

    hmmmm, it is beautiful, but I saw him use 3 pieces of tape!


  6. lenore says:

    Cool! But, looked to me like he used 3 pieces of tape…


  7. Dorothy Allen says:

    Really pleased to see alternative ways to gift wrap. Thank you.


  8. Keivin Diaz says:

    True he only used three


  9. Michelle says:

    That guy def. used 3 pieces of tape … ?!?!


  10. SkeinJane says:

    Lol! I’ve been wrapping that way for decades, but I stumbled onto it when I didn’t have enough paper for a traditional wrapping. Turning the box on the diagonal often allows you to wrap with slightly less paper. Admittedly, I use more tape!


  11. Jeri says:

    I was just impressed that it was a man that did it, ha ha!


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