Christian Rock Band Cloverton does Hallelujah

Here Cloverton plays a surprise show during dinner at a busy restaurant.

When the patrons hear the familiar melody of Leonard Cohen’s iconic tune “Hallelujah,” they hush completely and are shocked to hear a new version of the iconic lyrics.

Listen and tell us what you think…

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20 Responses to Christian Rock Band Cloverton does Hallelujah

  1. Michelle says:

    Pretty AMAZING! 💕


  2. C says:

    I’m still stuck on k.d. Lang’ s version. Her performance at the Canadian Olympics was incredible.


  3. Wendy Scott says:

    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! Thank you


  4. Angelica says:

    Love the song in whatever version from every performer also this one is great!

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  5. Leo Green says:

    If I’m being honest, though I’m an atheist this is still a beautiful version of an already beautiful song!

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  6. dveightin says:

    oooo kay. great song really bizarre lyrics. i’m thinkin o holy night with lyrics changed to represent the birth of the prophet mohammed or a little ditty about the buddha or krishna. you know take a song with biblical references and change the lyrics to spread your pov on the back of a revered tune.


  7. Gloria Sides says:



  8. Cheryl McFadden says:

    Please, Please get permission to record this. Mr Cohen has already approved rights for an Easter version.


  9. katie says:

    Thank you so very much God bless us everyone


  10. Judy says:

    Beautiful, well done


  11. Sandie says:

    I love love it Ty for sharing


  12. elaine says:

    Left me speechless and brought tears to my eyes. Absolutely flawless! Absolutely an angels voice. Thank-you so much for sharing your gift. Godbless you.


  13. Teresa Anderson says:

    I absolutely adore this song! I have shared it with all my friends and we all agree! Best and favourite Christmas song!


  14. Blogitudes says:

    Absolutely beautiful! I love it and thank you for sharing it!


  15. Elly Single says:

    Just beautiful ! Thank you


  16. Tric Skiavo says:

    I am crying for how simplistically perfect this version of such a great song this performance is.


  17. Pat says:

    So beautiful.


  18. Joyce says:

    georgeously uplifting and enjoyable.


  19. Barbara Stonewall says:

    I love this version. It has helped put the Christmas spirit in me and I needed that extra boost this year. Where can I buy a copy?


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